We would like to tip our hat to several organizations and extraordinary people who either inspire or help support the Hull Seals.

The Fuel Rats

When it comes to Service Organizations in Video Games, almost nobody measures up to the goodwill and level of service that the Fuel Rats provide. They have been a constant benchmark for what we hope the Seals to become, and the origin of many Seal processes you see today.


The Fuel Rats are CMDRs in the galaxy who assist ships who have run out of fuel or become stranded due to fuel requirements. The Fuel Rats are notorious for having a very altruistic motivation - they do not take sides, do not get involved in politics, and will help anyone, regardless.

The Rats are a self-described collective with no hierarchy. There are no assigned leaders or jobs, as the group as a whole is in agreement on what needs to be done. Founded in June of 3301, the Rats have continued to expand and grow, and have become one of the foremost player factions in gaming. For their constant service, advice, and help to the Hull Seals and the greater gaming community, we thank them.

Frontier Developments

Frontier Developments is the company behind the Elite franchise and is the reason that the Hull Seals can exist in their current form today.


Frontier Developments, also called "FDEV" by the community, was founded in 1994 by current CEO David Braben. As of 2018, they had a revenue stream of 34.2 Million GBP, and has released several major content releases for the Elite: Dangerous game, including "Horizons" and "Beyond" expansions.

FDEV is also the publisher of Planet Zoo, Jurassic World Evolution, Planet Coaster, and other games. Without FDEV, and Elite Dangerous, this group we call Seals would never have met, and never would have grown to become the group we are today. We thank FDEV for their work in this massive game, and the future updates to come.

Distant Worlds Organization and Fleetcomm

The Distant Worlds Organization and Fleetcomm have perhaps more than any other organization or group in the Elite Dangerous community been fundamental and critical in their assistance in developing the Hull Seals to who they are today.


Fleetcomm is a Private Group within the Elite: Dangerous community. They provide a safe space for explorers and expeditions to travel and explore the galaxy, as well as operating out-of-game chat servers via Discord for the coordination and control of expeditions being hosted. This is where the idea of the Hull Seals was born, and Fleetcomm has been gracious enough to host our repair facilities and Seal coordination efforts whilst our own infrastructure is being developed.

The Fleetcomm Private Group has three very simple rules, which ensure the safety of all members.

  1. No CMDR may cause the destruction of another CMDRs ship.
  2. Any aggressive activity must be of mutual consent by all parties.
  3. When within 2km of any basecamp or waypoint, hardpoints must be stowed and speed restricted.

We thank Fleetcomm and the DWO for their support of the Hull Seals.

Other Third Party Tools

There are several tools that the Hull Seals use in order to serve clients and run our systems. These services are invaluable to us, and we thank each and every one of them. The Seals are a true believer in Free and Open Source software, without which we could not exist.

Hover_Logo.png is the domain registration service used by the Hull Seals to host and manage They excel in affordable, reliable domain services. Want your own domain? Use This Link to earn $2 off your purchase, and support the Seals.


The Hull Seals use Amazon Web Services to host our web-based services, including the website you're currently on, and ensure fast, reliable servers for us to host our site on. 


Bookstack is a self-hosted wiki solution used by the Hull Seals. This is what allows us to host and sort all of our documentation, guides, and procedures in an easy-to-navigate searchable environment. Without this platform, we have no idea how we'd host our information


Discord is a free voice and text chat that the Hull Seals have used in the past. During Distant Worlds 2, our founding, and even in our early development, Discord was used to communicate and plan the setup of the organization as you see it today. Without Discord, most of the first Seals would never have met!


Zoho is the mail client used by the Hull Seals. Ever gotten a message from an account? That's hosted by these guys! 


Cloudflare is a worldwide CDN, DNS, and security manager used by the Seals in their web-facing assets. Cloudflare both reduces the strain on our host through caching, but also provides security and DNS management.


Anytime something breaks, or services go offline for maintenance, it's our duty to inform people what's going on. Through a clean and easy-to-use webpage, Freshping allows our tech corps to inform about incidents and the status of our many many services.

Other awesome tools used by the Seals:


Other Organizations and Discord Servers

There are many other useful sources of information out in the galaxy that some of our CMDRs have found useful. While none of these groups are endorsed by the Seals, they may be useful for you! If you have one that's not on the list, please get in touch.



GalPhoto is a Discord Community for Galactic Photography & Media in Elite: Dangerous



EDBGS is a server and community dedicated to BGS discussion and information sharing on the mechanics of BGS.

Bounty Hunting/Combat/AX

Galactic Combat Initiative

The GCI is a group to learn, teach, and discuss the art of combat, both PvE and PvP. Builds, techniques, and theories are discussed openly.

Anti-Xeno Initiative

The Anti Xeno Initiative is an Elite: Dangerous player-group dedicated to protecting humanity from the Thargoid threat. Tech, builds, tactics, and large scale offensives are discussed.

Elite Dangerous CQC

This group and server primarily pertain to CQC, the 4th possible "Elite" rank.

Newton's Gambit

This group helps teach CMDRs how to fly, fight, and operated with Flight Assist Off, a key aspect in many PVP fights.



EDSM (Elite Dangerous Star Map) was at first a community effort to store and calculate systems coordinates around the Elite: Dangerous galaxy.

Deep Space Network

The Deep Space Network is a group dedicated to promoting exchange and communication between explorers and expeditions.

Colonia Citizens Network

A network of CMDRs who have set up shop in the Colonia region.


General Knowledge

The Galactic Academy

Teaching new CMDRs how to spread their wings and fly, the Galactic Academy is your one-stop-shop for new CMDRs or the basics of the game.

Elite: Dangerous Community

The official Discord server for Elite: Dangerous, with significant FDEV presence.


The iMU

The Intergalactic Mining Union, or iMU, are the premier Miners in Elite: Dangerous. They teach tips and tricks to maximize yield and minimize waste.


Canonn Research Group

Canonn is the foremost in scientific research within Elite: Dangerous. Operators of the Gnosis Megaship, and experts on the Guardians, if you want science, this is your place to go.