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Wanting to get a repair? Come read about the terminology you'll encounter.

How to Find the Nearest Station and Long Route Plotting

Suggested Ship Builds and Modules

Common Terms

Here's a list of some common terms and abbreviations used during repair procedures. These are not required, nor official. As such, this list is provided as a courtesy. You are encouraged to use whatever works for you, so long as others can understand easily. In general, + is used for an affirmative or a good result, and - for a negative or bad result.

Used during Repair Ops:

Common Terms and Abbreviations

Common Mistakes and Issue Troubleshooting

Other Tips and Tricks

Sometimes, Seals find resources or tools that are useful to share, that we think are worth sharing. However, these don't exactly fit well in other categories or on other pages. This page contains a few resources that we've found over our time in the Galaxy.

Please keep in mind, this page contains links to resources the Seals are not responsible for and have no control over their content. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and be careful about what sites you visit on the web.

Charts and Graphs

Ship Size Chart



Stellar Object Scan Chart


Stellar Object Value Calculation (Approximate)


Source: Fleetcomm Discord Bot

Reddit and Forum Guides

Unlocking Engineers quickly:

Guardian Modules:

Guardian Weapons:

Guardian SLFs:

Finding Escape Pods:

Material Engineering Database:

Mining Info

When it comes to the Seals, one of the most important people to have around during Code Blacks is our miners.

iMU mining guide. All things mining:

Hotspot overlap locator tool:

To find the best selling price of painite:

iMU Discord:


Calculations for fragments coming off rock faces with lasers
Laser Size Factor Power Usage
Small 1.0 1x
Lance 1.2 1.2x
Medium 3.0 2x

Broken Canopy Navigation