Changes to Discord

As with any change to a new program, there are some changes that ripple through everything and alter even the Basking Cove.

Don't worry - the Basking Cove is NOT going away!

The Basking Cove, our social discord and home for a great many sealnanigans, will remain more or less intact. Here's what's changing:


Our repair requests, and repair requests code black channel will be retired, and most Seal commands removed from DWEBot. Fleetcomm admins willing, the Hull Seals channel will remain intact for general, at least for a time. The Repair Requests channel may survive for a while, but be locked with a redirect to our IRC case management. This is ultimately at the discretion of the Fleetcomm admins.


The Basking Cove

The Seal Server will be, going forward, more restricted as to who can join. We're encouraging, but at this point not truly requiring, all members on the server be registered Seals (with some exceptions). All existing members are grandfathered through this requirement.

For linked channels, there may be a higher level of moderation applied, especially regarding multi-line messages, spam, or flood. Please avoid large text blocks, excessive gifspam, and other types of large, disruptive activities to a minimum in all linked channels.


Our existing Seal-Bob channel will be linked with general chat in IRC. It will be a 2-way street for users in IRC to talk to our Seal server members, as well as our members to maintain a constant presence with the IRC server. While we are providing this service as best we can, the link is not 100% stable and may go offline at times. We encourage people to log in to the IRC and provide a presence there, especially if you are able to go on cases.

Remember - anything you say in #Seal-Bob will be viewable by anyone who joins the IRC server. Be yourselves, but keep it clean and practice discretion.

Case Notify Role and #Case-Notify

A new role, @Case Notify, can be added with our current bots. This role will be pinged every time a new case comes in, and every time a manual case trigger command is run. Once again, this is not a replacement for being logged in to the IRC, and should not be relied upon as the only way to be notified about new cases, however the service may be useful for some.

The channel #case-notify will be used for this purpose. Thank you to our webhook bot for formatting and sending these messages!


A new channel in the IRC section is going to be viewable, Repair-Requests. This channel is a one way link from IRC to Discord, where Seals can observe and watch, but not participate, in repair operations.

In order to participate in repairs, you MUST be logged in to IRC.

We encourage Seals at all times to, if able, be in IRC when cases come in, rather than waiting till after cases have come in to log in. However, this service is provided as some Seals may find it useful.

Seal Private Channel

While we aren't making one for sure at time of writing, we are discussing creating a private, Seal-Only, Discord-Only chat that isn't linked with IRC. Feedback on this one is encouraged! We want to provide a sense of activity in the IRC, while also respecting that Seals may want to have places to themselves.