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Other Games

Other Games

The Hull Seals are first and foremost an Elite: Dangerous player group. Our services are geared toward Elite, and all members are CMDRs and Seals in Elite. However, the Seals also have ties to a number of other games, and in some, dedicated Guilds, Clans, Squadrons, or Factions. 

Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 clan was the first out-of-Elite group set up to represent the Seals. The clan gathers to attempt Raids, Nightfalls, or other events as set up by members.

Arma 3

The Arma 3 squadron was the second out-of-Elite group set up to represent the Seals. The Arma 3 player squadron operates their own Wasteland server, and teams up to enjoy themselves in a casual and enjoyable setting with each other.

At present, the ARMA squadron is inactive.

Steam Group

The Seals, given the size of games available on the warehouse of Steam, do maintain a presence on the Steam groups platform.

And more!

Seals play more games than we maintain established groups for. We have Seals who play all sorts of games in community, including games like Star Citizen, Stellaris, Minecraft, Among Us, Racing Games, Beat Saber, and more. Odds are, you'll find some Seals that play similar games to you.

How to Join

If you're interested in joining any of these clans, the first step is to join the Hull Seals. All registered CMDRs are welcome to join the Seals, with the only requirement of also being a Seal within the Elite: Dangerous sandbox. As of yet, we do not accept people into these individual games and not Elite. These clans and groups are for our community out of Elite, to relax and enjoy themselves.