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Frontier Developments

Frontier Developments is the company behind the Elite franchise and is the reason that the Hull Seals can exist in their current form today.


Frontier Developments, also called "FDEV" by the community, was founded in 1994 by current CEO David Braben. As of 2018, they had a revenue stream of 34.2 Million GBP, and has released several major content releases for the Elite: Dangerous game, including "Horizons" and "Beyond" expansions.

FDEV is also the publisher of Planet Zoo, Jurassic World Evolution, Planet Coaster, and other games. Without FDEV, and Elite Dangerous, this group we call Seals would never have met, and never would have grown to become the group we are today. We thank FDEV for their work in this massive game, and the future updates to come.