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Frequently Suggested Things

It's often been said there's no such thing as a bad idea - and that's true enough. However, sometimes there ideas that are brought up a lot as "the next big thing" for the Seals, but for one reason or another just don't work out. While we don't discourage new ideas, sometimes after a topic gets brought up so many times, we have to lay it to rest.

Case Management in Discord!

Perhaps one of the most common suggestions is to cast off IRC and return to managing and receiving cases exclusively in Discord. Discord is great for groups of friends, and in fact the Seals maintain a social presence on Discord, but we don't take cases anymore there like we did during DW2. Discord has downtime we can't control, prevents our management of troublemakers who might join, requires accounts, and other issues that we can't control.

  • The bridge bot has downtime we can't account for.
  • The bridge bot sometimes has issues with different charactersets
  • The bridge bot sometimes scrambles the order of messages
  • What happens when Discord goes down?

Roster Lists of Seals by Timezone

This is a super slippery slope that we're very, very uncomfortable treaing down. By rule, the only way for a Seal to be assigned to a case is to call jumps - even friendly "hey, XYZ are you online/can you take this?" makes us wary. We don't want Seals to feel pressured to Seal by being online, or being during their "usual" time. Sometimes, people can't respond but want to chat, and sometimes, people want to just play the game and not Seal.

While we encourage Seals to seal when they can, we don't want to make the Seals a "Seal all the time or leave" atmosphere either. Not to mention... you might be online, but on the other side of the galaxy. Sometimes, you're just plain out of range.