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Stellar Cone Escape Guide


Stuck in a Neutron Cone or White Dwarf Cone?

That's not good! Your situation is dire, but with a little luck you still have a chance to escape!

Follow these steps to attempt to escape:

  1. Take a deep breath! Panic will make things worse.
  2. Set your Throttle to ZERO/IDLE.
  3. If you have an AFMU, begin repairing your CANOPY.
  4. Charge your FSD as soon as possible. If at any time the FSD charge cancels, begin it again.
  5. Try and point your ship AWAY from the star.
  6. BOOST once you are facing away from the star.
  7. If you get told to align with the escape vector, try and orient your ship while BOOSTING as often as possible.
  8. Keep going until you escape or explode. If you need, you can try and repair your FSD with an AFMU.
  9. Your canopy will probably explode. That's okay! Just focus on escaping the cone.

If you have managed to escape, and are still alive, your canopy is probably broken.

FLY AWAY FROM THE STAR for a few seconds, and then LOG OUT to the main menu.

After you've done that, Call the Hull Seals!

Video Example

Here's a video from CMDR All Crows Are Black showing proper technique: