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Accelerated Otter Pipeline

The Accelerated Otter Pipeline is not operated by, endorsed by, or in any way affiliated with The Fuel Rat Mischief

The Accelerated Otter Pipeline is a method for fully-trained Fuel Rats to receive advanced, accelerated progress through our training system to allow speedier cross-training with Hull Seal processes and systems. It is an alternate pathway that established, case-experienced Fuel Rats can use to achieve full Hull Seal training status.


Fuel Rats and Hull Seals share a significant number of factors across their operations, organizations, and missions. From familiarity with IRC, to how the various in-game wing systems can be leveraged to establish meetups, it is only in a few short, significant portions where our services differ in terminology and execution.

This pathway is designed to lower the barrier to entry for Rats to become fully-qualified Seals. This accelerated pathway endeavors to streamline the training system into a single lesson, bypassing a number of the baseline minutia common to both organizations.


In order to be eligible for the AOP, applicants must be an established Fuel Rat with more than 10 “First Limpet” rescues. These rescues must be validated on the Fuel Rats public dashboard, located here. Fuel Rats who do not fulfill this requirement must take standard Hull Seal training.

Differences in Lessons

The AOP program focuses on a number of key differences that separate Fuel Rat operations from Hull Seal ops. It isn't just as simple as throwing a new limpet controller on and calling it a day. We streamline the training into one lesson, focusing on IRC fluency, command and fact familiarity, SOP differences, and other Seal-Specific differences, as established by our training corps. Most Rats being Cross-Trained into Seals find the differences easy to understand and adopt in no time!

If the Rat successfully completes the AOP pathway, they will be considered Fully-Trained Seals, and receive the coveted title of Otter - what we call Seals who are also trained Rats. Otters are some of the most capable Seals we have at our disposal, and we are always looking for more to join our ranks!


If you're interested in the program, simply sign up for Seal Training as usual and inform your Trainer that you're a Fuel Rat who wants to take part in the program! They'll get you set up and going from there.