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How to Join The Hull Seals

Welcome! We're glad to see you have an interest in joining our bob. Did you know that a group of Seals is called a Bob? We think it's pretty cool.

Joining the Seals is more than just slapping a repair limpet controller on your ship. At present, it is a little complicated and we apologize for that.

First, some basics:

  • The Seals dispatch cases out of FLEETCOMM DISCORD. This is the best way to be assigned cases.
  • The Seals maintain a social Discord server, which also doubles as the training center for Seals.

Although neither of these resources is required in order to join the Seals, it may be harder for you to fully join the server.

To become a Seal, the first step is to register for your Seal account. This can be done at

After that, read up on the SOPs, found at These documents are the Holy Grail of Sealing - how we do what we do. Knowledge and understanding of the SOPs are critical in order to succeed as a Seal.

Next, join the Hull Seals Social Discord, which will serve as where you can get your training. The link for that is Add the Trainee role in the #Botspam channel, and register for a drill. Instructions on how to do that are in the informational channels.

Finally, take your drills and ask questions you have there. Our staff, volunteer trainers, and others are willing to help you out, and welcome you to this new family!

Once you've been trained, it's strongly encouraged for you to apply for and join the Fleetcomm private group, if able. Add the active mechanic role of your platform, and wait for calls. While not incredibly common, the service you have volunteered to provide is essential for many CMDRs, and even being there as the safety net is a great service.