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How2Join mk2


We're glad to see you have an interest in joining us.

Joining the Seals is more than just slapping a repair limpet controller on your ship. We pride ourselves on the quality of our Seals, and so require a few steps before you can become a fully-fledged member. On this page, we'll go through everything you need to know in order to become one of Elite's most dedicated providers: A Hull Seal.

Step 1: Register

Your first step on the journey toward becoming a Seal is to register on our site. Making an account ensures that we can credit you for your rescues, as well as provide useful services and tools to you. To register, simply go to, and make an account. After registration, you will receive an email asking you to verify your account from Click on the link in the email to verify your account. Note that verification links are only valid for 24 hours, but you can request a new one by logging into your account using the menu on our main page.

You should only make one account on our site. Any Alternate Names (such as multiple accounts) will all be associated with your account via our profile section. So speaking of...

Step 2: Fill Out your Profile

In order to feed your CMDR information into our database, and add your name to our paperwork and other forms, you need to complete some fields on our website. From your profile (which you can find here), You must fill out the "My CMDRs" section. You should also take this time to register a few IRC names, available through the same link. These will be explained in greater detail during your basic training.

Optionally, however, a fun thing to do is register some of your ships to get your own unique Seal Ship Registry Code. This is just for fun, however, and is not required.

Step 3: Basic Training

To ensure that all of our Seals are trained and ready to respond to any hull emergency, we have a two-step training process. Due to the low numbers of trainers we have at our disposal, we have a series of video-and-quiz style training modules that should take no more than two hours to complete and does not need to be done in one sitting. These videos cover a variety of different materials, including the SOPs, how our site works, third party tools, and the features of Elite. The video section will be followed up by an in-game drill ran by one of our training staff. After the conclusion of both of these modules, you will be ready to go and certified as a trained Hull Seal. This will make you eligible to be assigned repairs as cases come in, and will mark you as a full member in the Seals.

In order to complete your drill, it is required that you know and are familiar with our Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs. The most up-to-date copies can be found at all times by visiting our Knowledge Base's copy, at

Step 4: Joining our Communities

In order to be assigned cases, and to complete your drill, you are required to join two Discord servers. Discord is a free chat platform and is our home for social events and cases while our IRC solutions are being developed.

The Seal Server

For your drill, and to interact with the Hull Seals social community, you must join our Hull Seals Basking Cove server. The link to join the server is Add the Trainee role in the #Botspam channel, and read through the informational channels. The conclusion of Basic Training has instructions on how to do that, which you can review at any time by returning to the training course. Be sure to say hello to the Seals in our general chat, and feel free to ask questions. You'll find knowledgable, friendly CMDRs willing to help you.


After your drill, you'll want to be assigned cases! Our SOPs explain how we assign cases, and your drill should also cover much of this same material. We currently operate repairs out of Fleetcomm's Discord and the #Repair-Requests channel. You can join the Fleetcomm Discord at this link: Fleetcomm Discord.

    Once you've been trained, it's strongly encouraged for you to apply for and join the Fleetcomm private group, if able. However, it is not required to be in the Private Group to Seal.

    Add the active mechanic role of your platform, and wait for calls. While not incredibly common, the service you have volunteered to provide is essential for many CMDRs, and even being there as the safety net is a great service.

    Step 5: Your Drill

    After joining our Discord server, and registering for your drill, be sure to keep an eye on the training channels! You'll be informed as to your date, time, and location in-game of your drill. After attending, and passing, you'll be granted full access to all sections of our server, and all the privileges as a member of the Hull Seals.

    Step 6: ARF!

    Congrats, CMDR! You've passed your drill and are now a fully registered Seal. Keep an eye out for cases, enjoy the community, eat lots and lots of fish, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! We look forward to seeing you star-side, CMDR.