Walrus SOP

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is for a Hull Seals Specialized Role. In order to become a Walrus, one must first become a standard Hull Seal and pass all Hull Seal trainings. This document is a supporting addition to the Hull Seal SOP, and is not superior to that document.

This Page is a Draft! - SOP not complete. Info may change, and more will be added.

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Walrus SOP:The Basics.

What is a Walrus?

Simply put, it's an ARMED seal, ready to put themselves between a needing commander and an attacking NPC pirate.

A potential Walrus has by this point in their career:
-Logged hundreds or even thousands of hours in the game
-Has extensive knowledge and experience in PvP combat
-Has the same knowledge and experience in combat ship builds
-Has completed all other Seal training, in addition to having a solid number of regular seal rescues to their name (TBD)

If this sounds like something you would like, and you meet the requirements listed above, read on..