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  1. Guidance for Dispatchers

  2. Dispatchers Process Walkthrough

  3. Unusual Cases Guidance

  4. Change Notes

Guidance for Dispatchers

Dispatch is there to gather and supply information, guide the client and mechanics and make the repair operation smooth. This should allow the mechanics to travel to their target with minimal interruption and the client to focus on one voice for guidance.

Anyone can try their hand at Dispatching, however, if you become overwhelmed recognise it and put a request in the #DW2-Fleet-Mechanics channel for someone take over. Dispatch will determine what Emergency Level is, announce it to the channel and determine which of the nearest Mechanic(s) will be dispatched. Dispatch should keep the situation calm, communicate clearly and stop any overzealousness (keep things as professional as possible).

Dispatchers have Fleet Mechanic Command Authority and are responsible for the care and response of the Fleet Mechanics to emergencies. We are here to provide the best outcome for the client, if anything is preventing that you have authority to act. For example you can tell people to stop un-necessary chatter in the channel or re-direct them to the chat channel. Be nice, lots of players are new and a bit lost. If we can help we should do so unless it’s really busy. For example, flipped SRVs: we can always send a mechanic to go help out with issues like that. Let’s be a helpful bunch if we can!

If multiple Dispatchers are online and available for response, the first responding dispatcher to establish communication with the Client will provide direct assistance. When actively Dispatching you should identify yourself as dispatch ideally with [Dispatch] at the start of your discord name. You should also assign yourself the rank Mechanic Dispatch in the channel #dw2-roles using the command ?rank Mechanic Dispatch.

When communicating with the client/mechanics always use the @name to ping them and focus their attention. If the client is close to a star (emergency drop) or planet-side you should request that they do a hop in super-cruise before slowing and dropping out. This will be obvious if the Mechanics report they are dropping several light-seconds away from the clients beacon. All clients should be requested to lower cargo scoop or landing gear and bring their vessel to a full stop to prevent any accidental collisions with responding mechanics.

It is not required to always have a dispatch active. When there are no cases you can simply stand-down without having someone to hand-over to.

For XB1 repairs both the client and mechanic need to send and accept friend requests, there may be some delay.

If the client/mechanic have issues please see the link to the Fuel Rats Knowledge Base in the Additional Information document.

Dispatchers should not be dispatching and conducting repair operations simultaneously. Focus on doing one well rather than trying to multi-task! Don’t text and fly!

Dispatchers Process Walkthrough

  1. Dispatchers will report to the #dw2-fleet-mechanics channel as active and assign themselves the role “Active Mechanic Dispatch”. Role can be assigned in #bots-rank-and-other by using the command ?rank Active Mechanic Dispatch
  2. When pinged by DWEBot Dispatcher will enter #Repair-Requests channel and initiate communications with Client.
  3. Dispatcher will request the following information from the client: o On Emergency Oxygen or not, if so request Client Logout and await further instruction. <- The bot command will ask if the client has canopy or not o Platform (PC/XB1/PS4) o In Game Name o Location (current system) o Current Hull Percentage o Ship Model
  4. Announce Emergency Level and request Mechanics call their jumps, whilst doing so ask for additional information such as location within the system, fuel levels etc.
  5. Determine the nearest responding mechanic(s) and assign them to the case.
  6. Request client bring their vessel out of SuperCruise, come to a full stop, and deploy Landing Gear to ensure Mechanics safety during repair operations.
  7. Request client add assigned Mechanic(s) to friends list and assist client as needed in this procedure.
  8. Wait for confirmation from mechanics that friend request have been received, prompt client as needed but remember they may not be familiar with the process.
  9. Instruct client to send Wing Invite to responding mechanic(s) and provide assistance to client as needed in this procedure. As above wait for mechanics to confirm.
  10. Instruct client to enable Wing Beacon and provide assistance to client as needed in this procedure.
  11. Dispatcher will confirm Mechanic has established communications with Client and will provide assistance to Mechanic / Client as needed until receiving report of successful repair.
  12. Dispatch will request Mechanic to complete Repair Log Entry at notification of successful repair completion. The !clear command can be used to send automatic request with Google Form Link to be posted by the DWEBot. To disable Mechanic Dispatch Pings by bot, re-enter the command in #bot-rank-and-other ?rank Active Mechanic Dispatch to leave the role and stop pings.

Unusual Cases Guidance

Long Range Repair

Long distance repairs (Over 15,000Ly from the DW2 current location), may be undertaken by mechanics if those mechanics are willing, do not put pressure on anyone to attend these. We are primarily a DW2 organisation at present so there is no requirement to help anyone not with the fleet. Additionally limit the number of mechanics on these cases to 3 maximum except for Code Black events.

If the repair is behind the fleet consider directing them to the Fuel Rats as they have rats in the bubble the could complete the rescue. Similarly with near-Colonia cases. If the repair is ahead consider asking the client to head towards the fleet for meet-up or stay in the local area until the fleet approaches.

Client goes silent

If the client stops responding to pings wait a short while, sometimes they are looking up how to do things or struggling in-game. If this occurs after FR+ then check with the mechanics to ensure no in-game comms are ongoing. If after a few minutes nothing occurs request one mechanic only messages in-game to ask if they can go and check the chat channel. If 5 minutes pass with no feedback the case can be aborted and everyone stood down. This case is considered in limbo so no paperwork.

Close to Star/Planet/Object Navlock Repairs

When a client is close to a stellar object navlock will be unsuccessful and will drop mechanics often several lightseconds away from the client. When advised of this by mechanics instruct the client to select the closest in-system object they are close to, aim away from it and spool up supercruise. Ask them to travel a good 25 seconds away and then slow and drop out + lower landing gear.

Open Mode Requests

If a client comes in with no access to the official Distant Worlds Private Groups or Mobius PGs we will ask them to join a private group made by one of the mechanics. Open simply doesn't afford any protections and we don't want to put anyone at risk by creating a peer-pressure or competitive reason to enter open for a repair operation. In these cases clear communication is vital:

1) First choose a mechanic, check they are ok to create a PG and ask them to do so.

2) Then tell the client to get repairs they will need to join the mechanics PG as we don’t operate in Open Mode. This should be done after FR+.

3) At the same time request all other mechanics on the case to join that PG.

4) Before proceeding to wing requests check that all mechanics and the client are in the PG and in the correct game-mode.

5) Continue as per normal SOP.

Note: There is one exception where there is only one mechanic and client where both are happy proceeding in open. However, we highly advise PG for all repairs.

Fuel Requests

If the client requires fuel this is not our responsibility. Send them to the Rats. If they need both fuel and repairs the rats go first, log the client out after they post their current system name and then re-direct them to the rats. Ask them to come back post- refuelling if they still require repairs. Mechanics may use this as an opportunity to get in system for swift repairs after the rats have done their stuff, note the Rats may have repair limpets and complete both tasks.

Busy Times

When there are 3+ repairs ongoing and a new case comes in, or if there is a major event like a Code Black, you may decide to run any new cases in a separate channel. This decision should not be taken lightly. When this occurs direct any new cases there and put a clear statement in asking the chat to cease.

For example:  --DISPATCH – This channel is now in use for a repair request, please cut any chatter until the repairs are closed. Thank you!


The Fleet Services channel should not be used for repairs, this is no longer our channel to use. Once things are quieter and the channel can resume the chatter please post another statement to re-open chat. If people do not keep quiet after reminders please report this as an issue to the Fleet Mechanics Organisers with a timestamp so we can take a look.


Change Notes

Change Notes for Rev 4.5 -> 6:

  • Overhauled after the server incident
    • Added: Page Headers
    • Changed: Hull Seals Heraldy swapped with Hull Seals Insignia
    • Changed: Glossary
    • Removed: Fleet Mechanics logo
  • Note: See the Additional Information document for instructions on how to use pre-set codes for dispatching.
  • Note: See here for a Dispatcher Tracking Document here
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