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Recovery to Orbit


On Console or Legacy Horizons? Go HERE

Stuck in a Neutron Cone or White Dwarf Cone?

That's not good! Your situation is dire, but thankfully, you still have a chance!

Follow these steps to escape the JetCone:

  1. Take a deep breath! Panic will make things worse.
    1. If you were directed to this page from a Seal Case, DO NOT log in to the game until instructed by your dispatcher.
  2. From the Main Menu, select "Help and Info".
  3. Next, select "Stuck Recovery".
    1. This will redirect you back to the main menu.
  4. Wait for your Dispatcher to instruct you to log in. Your ship will now be outside of the star's cone, and you can proceed to the next phase of the rescue!

After you've done that, Call the Hull Seals!

Stuck in an SRV?

The instructions above can also recover you to your ship from an SRV. Follow the same procedure, and you will find yourself back in your ship safe and sound!

Video Example

Here's a video from CMDR Technuwu313 on how to recover to orbit.