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Common Terms

Here's a list of some common terms and abbreviations used during repair procedures. These are not required, nor official. As such, this list is provided as a courtesy. You are encouraged to use whatever works for you, so long as others can understand easily. In general, + is used for an affirmative or a good result, and - for a negative or bad result.

Used during Repair Ops:

  • BC: Wing Beacon.
  • Chemseal: Hull Seal with Decontamination Limpet
  • CB: A Code Black Situation
  • DC: Disconnected, or kicked out of the game. Also used for game crashes.
  • FR: Friend Request.
  • Fuel Rat: A member of The Fuel Rats organization with a focus on emergency response for fuel shortages.
  • Inst: Instance.
  • Killer Whales: Hostile Players.
  • Mechanic: Members of the Hull Seals.
  • Mode Conf: Game Mode confirmed on Comms Panel.
  • Otter: A Hull Seal with Fuel Limpet Controllers onboard, capable of providing emergency fuel.
  • Pied Piper: A Seal on a Code Black who leads Clients to stars for fuel, providing a guide of safe range for scooping.
  • RC+: Repair Completed.
  • RL+: Repair Limpet Engaged.
  • PW+: Paperwork Complete.
  • Seals: This fine organization, or members thereof.
  • Sharks: Hostile Ships.
  • Sys Conf: System confirmed on the galaxy map.
  • Walrus: A Hull Seal equipped for defensive, NPC-ONLY actions.
  • WR: Wing Request.

Common Terms and Abbreviations

  • The Bubble: Civilized Space, commonly fought over by powerplay factions.
  • Blob: Did you know a group of seals is actually called a Blob?
  • Client: The person in need of hull repairs.
  • Cascade Winging: The way of quickly pulling CMDRs to an instance by entering with a wing, leaving, and pulling in more exponentially.
  • Dispatch: The trained player coordinating the repair and assignment of Seals.
  • Pup: A Seal-In-Training.
  • Drebin's Lament: An unsuccessful Code Black.
  • XA: Explorer's Anchorage, the most remote station in the galaxy. Located near the center of the galaxy.