Fleet Carriers

Upcoming Content! -- Fleet Carriers are upcoming content to Elite: Dangerous. Information is subject to change.

The Hull Seals plans to operate 3 Fleet Carriers, providing essential services to Explorers across the galaxy.

H.S.C. Limpet's Call

The Limpet's Call, the flagship of the Seal Fleet, operates as a member of the Deep Space Support Array, a coalition of Carriers by Fleetcomm and the Distant Worlds Organization. The Limpet's Call will be stationed in Phroi Bluae QI-T e3-3454, to support explorers and provide an anchor point and base in the Rykers Hope region.

H.S.C. [Name TBD]

The [Name] operates on an at-rental basis for expeditions, providing a dedicated repair and support array for expeditions. Unlike usual Seal services, this does come at an in-game fee.

Expeditions who rent out the carrier must cover all fuel, upkeep, and maintenance costs for the carrier, for the duration of the expedition. This fee can be covered in many different ways, from material donations, commodity markets, and others.

If you'd like to rent out the carrier for your expedition, contact us!

H.S.C. [Name TBD]

The [Name] is the Seal's last resort when all else fails. She is the Seal's ace-in-the-hole. A massive logistical response - but no cost is too great to help a client.

If a Client gets themselves into a system they cannot escape from, if practical, the Seals will jump the [Name] into system to attempt a rescue of the client. This situation is a logistical challenge - and is an option not chosen lightly.