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This is a Silly Article
The content in here isn't to be taken super-sealiously, and is provided for laughs.


"Soon" is a general term used by the Seal Leadership (and Seals in general) that provides no context for actually when a particular thing will be done or released. All "Soon" means is that it is under consideration by the Seal staff, in discussion, or in development.

"Soon" does not imply a particular date, time, state of being, flow of direction, or any specific point in our understood reality in the past, present, or future. There is no guarantee that "Soon" will ever happen, or that it won't happen. Any promises of "Soon" should be taken lightly. "Soon" can be interchanged with many other words that all mean the same or similar things, including but not limited to "Could", "Might," "Plans to be," "Near Future", "Recent", and more.

"Soon" is dependent on a number of factors, both in and out of the control of the Seals, including timezones, the difficulty of the task, the importance of the task, ethical dilemmas, the average cost of a pound of fish, unexpected maintenance, third-party vendor delays, unexpected heat-deaths of stars, new projects adopted, changes to the Elite and other games, and actually getting our scattered minds to focus on a single topic.

Types of Soon

We'll fill this out Soon.

Examples of "Soon"

Thing First Announced Actually Released
IRC On or Before 10 April 2019 November 23, 2020
CMDR Management v2 23 June 2020 24 June 2020
Automated Paperwork 10 August 2019 29 May 2020
Merch 16 April 2019 23 February, 2021
Ship Registry 28 April 2019 16 June 2020
Accounts System 15 July 2019 22 December 2019

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