Why Seals? FAQs

Many frequently asked questions about the Seals


why do you do this?

Simply? We like helping others. It is fun to have to go out and help another CMDR. and we get to see sights we wouldn't have seen otherwise.

What do you do if someone shoots you?

Please see our page on PVP for our full position on it.

What do you think about moding the game?

Please see the page on cheating in the game located here.

Will the Hull Seals please help my faction/player group?

We take a similar position as the rats on being allies with, supporting, or otherwise contributing to a specific faction or groups goals in the game.

We are here to help all players regardless of their play-style or opinions. Aligning ourselves in some way with another faction would result in their enemies becoming our enemies, and that would impede our ability to provide our services.

This does not mean that we wont be friends with any faction, we gladly will be friends with all factions in the game and provide anyone with free assistance. And if you have an event happening some of the seals may decide to assist on their own time. 

Can I contract the seals to provide services for an event?

Yes! We get paid in fish.

If your event is one that would benefit from having our services on standby, we will gladly create a "beachhead" (specific point for repairs) or have seals accompany your expedition so as to provide assistance.

W will repair all players that come to a beachhead, and our team accompanying your expedition will be on call for fast repairs through our regular request system. We have the following services available at this time:

  • Hull repair.
  • Canopy breach assistance
  • SRV rescue - primarily for console but also available on PC for RP purposes
  • Decontamination - for getting rid of caustic damage
  • Beachheads - Stationary locations for rendering the above services.

Can you repair my modules?

Currently we do not have that ability to do so. that can only be done with an AFMU, (except for a powerplant or blown canopy) or at a station.

How do you repair my canopy?

If your canopy is just cracked and not blown, you can repair it with an AFMU. And we also can repair it as part of the hull with a Limpet.

If your canopy is blown however... we don't. 

While we can't repair your blown canopy with a limpet, we do have a extensive set of procedures in place to greatly increase your chances of getting to a station, or ship with landing pads that can repair your canopy. We can increase your chance of survival greatly, as the more lightyears you are away from a station, the lower your chances of making it on your own are. We have a near 100% success rate of saving players, if they

  1. Log out immediately when they loose their canopy
  2. Listen and follow all our instructions
  3. Stay calm

So if you ever blow your canopy and are not close to a station, LOG OUT IMMEDIATELY. Then contact us. We will let you know when to log in to your game again.

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