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Cheating and the Hull Seals

The Hull Seals is an organization that got its start with the recent Distant Worlds 2 Expedition and was formed with the intention of rescuing and aiding pilots who put themselves at risk in the deepest reaches of our galaxy.  As such, we as an organization salute those pilots that fly within the confines of Elite Dangerous in the manner it was intended at all times. The camaraderie and many friendships forged over the long months during the expedition were because of these risks and trials faced by honest and decent pilots.  

When you take away the challenge of Deep Space exploration through cheating, you will never have the chance to meet this active, vibrant, and wonderful community of Commanders that call themselves Hull Seals.

Those who use hacks, exploits, and cheats stray far from Halpy’s Light, and deserve nothing less than to be completely cast off from our galaxy.  We will always be vigilant in keeping a lookout for those who would seek to harm the game and its various communities through cheating and exploitation.

The Hull Seals condemn the use of all cheats, hacks, exploits, and other game modification tools that effect gameplay by all CMDRs. Any Seal found to use these tools will be expelled from the Seal collective for violation of the Frontier Developments Terms of Service and the Hull Seals code of conduct. We define these tools as those that provide an advantage or unfair edge to players compared to what is possible in the game itself. Tools, such as HUD color changers, that have no impact on gameplay are not counted under this definition.