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Who Does What?

The Hull Seals are a rather large organization - too large to be run by one person alone. As such, there are numerous different people and groups that work together to make the Seals what you see today.

As a general rule of thumb, the Seals are a semi-leaderless collective, with all members of the group fundamentally identical. No assigned roles, ranks, or duties exist when two seals meet, and different role fins are only put on when needed. 


This role has to exist as a part of the fact that we are all different and order must be maintained through the chaos. They are not dictators- nor do they flex their authority when not needed. They are Seals first, and their role second. When not needed, they fall back into the line with all the rest of the Seals.

The Blubber Bob

The Blubber Bob - Yes, that's actually their name - are the Administrators and legally-required leaders of the Seals. Although the seals do not have one set "In Charge" force, they are the people who step forward when needed on most administrative and matters of great importance to the Seals. They also wield the final authority on any issues regarding violations of the Hull Seals rules.

The current Blubber Bob members are

  • Akastus
  • Rixxan
  • MiddleNate
  • Drebin Omega

The Moderators assist the Blubber Bob in the enforcement of the rules and policing of removing unwanted influences from the Seals when our rules and code of conduct are broken. They also take charge when needed in settling disputes between Seals on an individual basis, before resorting to hammer-swinging. 

The current Moderators are

  • Unknownium
  • C1701D
  • InHooman
  • Dr. Nagi

Technical Support

The Technical Support corps of the Seals are the CyberSeals. These are those few who have volunteered countless hours and work toward developing and maintaining our Seal systems... and putting them out when they start burning. Many of the CyberSeals are IT or cyber field professionals, and as such may have variable sleep schedules. Keep this in mind when you try and contact them - they'll do their best to get back to you as soon as possible, but that may seem to take a while! Feel free to ask them any questions you have as well - most of the time, they're willing to help out with any tech issue, Seal or not.

Our current Cyberseals have a variety of different roles and areas of expertise. The current CyberSeal corps are

Name Timezone Specialty
Rixxan US East Head CyberSeal, General Technology
Kenny Rosser US West CyberSeal Manager, Database Guru
BrotherLizardo US West CyberSeal Manager (On Leave)
SKidathor EU Central Translation Team (DE)
Rik079 EU Central
Python and Bot Management


The Trainers are an essential part of any path toward becoming a Seal. They are the masters of the SOP - they are those who pass it along and instill it into new pups. These volunteers step in to make sure that every Seal is qualified and ready to face any scenario.

The current trainer corps include

Name Role
Hack-Wizard Head Trainer
Akastus Trainer
Rixxan Trainer
MiddleNate Trainer






SpaceTrash67 Trainer
Auxiliary Trainer
Drebin Omega

Auxiliary Trainer