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Reporting Bugs and Issues

The Hull Seal systems are designed to be robust, reliable, and easy to use. However, it may happen that a bug is encountered, or an issue is discovered with a system in use by the Seals. Our Cyberseals do their best to ensure that your experience on the site is as smooth as possible, however, sometimes things do slip through the cracks.

Without knowing about issues, we can't get to work fixing them. Please inform a CyberSeal or other staff member of any issues you find as soon as you find them! We'd rather have duplicate bug reports than be left in the dark about an issue.

After being informed about your issue, our techs get to work and try and solve the problem as soon as possible.

If you encounter an issue that precludes you from talking to one of our techs, or need to discuss the issue further, email for more information or help.