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The Hull Seals & PvP

Rules on PVP Combat and the Hull Seals


Can Hull Seals engage in PvP combat?

  • While on a call, Seals do not engage in Player Versus Player (PvP) Combat. Even if a player fires upon a Seal, the Seal is expected to disengage. We are not and will never be mercenaries or a "dial-a-fight" service.
  • If Seals are logged in, active as Seals, and engage in consensual PvP, there must be clear proof that all parties agreed to the encounter. "They were in Open!" is not a valid reason.
  • If you are representing the Seals in any way, Such as the name of your ship, CMDR name, attached to an expedition as a Seal, Ship ID, or any other way, any PvP must be consensual by all involved. At all times, follow Expedition or Private Group rules.
  • You may not stalk or otherwise deliberately target a previous client that you friended as part of a case.

We recommend Seals and Clients unfriend each other after cases to prevent this. Failure to unfriend is not in and of itself an offense, but would be a determining factor if a complaint were brought against a Seal.

This is not to say that we forbid all CMDRs from partaking in PvP combat if they are Seals. When not on duty, advertizing the Seals, or in any way representing the Seals, CMDRs are encouraged to take part in any form of gameplay offered by the game.

However, no matter what, we expect all Seals to follow Frontier's Terms of Service, our own position on Cheating and the Hull Seals, and all other rules and regulations applicable to a situation. We take complaints very seriously, and will act on complaints on a case-by-case basis. Failure to follow these rules can result in disciplinary action by the Seal body.