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Perseus Reach Expedition 3306

Perseus Reach


Expedition Quick Facts
Initials: PR
Launch Date: 8 Feb 3306
End Date: 4 Jul 3306
Destination: Oevasy SG-Y d0
Status: Completed
Expedition Staff:

Dr. Nagi



Penny Umbra

Chankk Saotome



Rebecca Lansing

# of Participants: 444
# of Seals: ~ 65










About the Expedition

From EDSM:

This expedition aims to map the western side of the Perseus Arm, a mostly uncharted region space. Starting from the birthplace of humanity, we will embark on a long journey to the furthest starsystem we can reach in the Milkyway, where no other expedition has gone before! In order to prove that explorers don't need the biggest, fanciest ships to do long range exploration and even the smallest, most basic ships can do that just fine, this expedition will be restricted to small size ships only.

The expedition was focused on small-size ships, and encouraged against "escort" CMDRs in large ships from following along. This was designed to provide a unique challenge to the CMDRs, while still allowing exploration and unique sights in the galaxy.

How to Join

Perseus Reach operated out of their own Discord server ( ).

Other Notes

A minimum Jump Range of 41.34 LY is required to complete the expedition with jumponium injections.