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The Stellar Unknown Expedition

Stellar Unknown


Expedition Quick Facts
Initials: SU
Launch Date: 25 Aug 2205
End Date: 24 Nov 3305
Destination: Saggitarius A*
Status: Completed
Expedition Staff: Shae Dalton, Scaleios
# of Participants: 360
# of Seals: ~ 25










About the Expedition

This expedition was held as a trip from the civilized area of space known as "The Bubble", via the eastern section of the Perseus Arm and through the Centaurus Reach. The expedition was aimed at being accessable for all walks of pilot, from veterans to newbies, while still remaining close enough to the Blbble in case of emergency. The expedition held weekly meet-ups, and announced waypoints on a weekly basis.

How to Join

The expedition used it's own external Discord server for communication.

Other Notes

The expedition was held in the Fleetcomm private group.