Standard Hull Seal SOP

Revision 6


  1. General Guidance

  2. Guidance for Mechanics

  3. Mechanics Process Walkthrough

  4. Repair Process Flowchart

  5. Repair process flowchart

  6. Change Notes


General Guidance

Repair requests will come in through the #Repair-Requests channel in the Fleetcomm Discord. If you see a request elsewhere direct them to the discord. In the event that they are unable to access/connect to the Discord alternative methods may be used (in-game chat etc). This is expected to be primarily console players.

Let the Dispatcher do their role, they are there to communicate to the client and gather the information and assign Mechanics. Don’t try and do their job for them or distract by requesting information directly from the client. Listen to the dispatchers, if you have an issue with a dispatcher contact a Mechanics lead. Offer advice constructively in the Mechanics chat after the case is finished if they make any errors/mistakes.

Do not post un-necessary chatter in the #Repair-Requests channel, anything that isn’t critical can go in the chat channel. Please don’t tell people off for posting things there, the dispatcher can manage that!

Remember the golden rule, we are here for the expedition too, we are here to have fun too. If you are unwilling or unavailable to go on a repair operation then simply do not call jumps to target and the dispatcher won’t assign you. If you have to go for IRL mid-way through a repair then let the dispatcher know and you can be un-assigned from the operation.

Keep all bot/rank/roles functions to the #dw2-roles channel.

Do not report yourself as “online or offline” unless you are leaving a role.


Do NOT ping large roles such as Active Mechanic with requests that can be made specifically to a few people. The ping ability may be removed in the future if pings become problematic, these are intended for necessary announcements and key information only.




Guidance for Mechanics

Your name on Discord should match your in game name, you may wish to attach [PC] or [Mechanic] or [Seal] tags to your name. Any format is acceptable provided it is clear. If your name does NOT match you should put in your in-game name when calling jumps.

Help the Dispatcher, if there are multiple cases ongoing mention which one you are on, for example if you are reporting wing received you may say something such as: “Wing received for Client123” as long as you don’t ping the client it’s ok. Clear communication and confirming key events are essential.

Do not post jumps that are significantly higher than everyone else. If your jumps are significant then wait a few seconds to see if there is someone much closer. For example if 4 people post jump ranges in the sub-20j category then your 85j is an un-necessary addition (exception is Code Black events, see separate Code Black SOP for full details).

See the example repair chat log for an example of necessary chatter, other critical things may include but are not limited to instancing/connection issues, corrections to information (system name/hull % etc), clients being in a different game-mode, requesting case details from the dispatcher and similar communications.

Keep other communications (e.g. in-game) between yourself and the client to a minimum until they have lit the beacon. Otherwise the client may start to ignore Discord and you’ll end up dispatching in-game whilst trying to fly.

Do not ping the client as this will distract them and they should be focused only on the Dispatchers commands.

If carrying weapons it’s highly advised to check your fire groups and aim away from the client when firing the repair limpet to reduce the risk of incidents. Enabling analysis mode is also an option. In addition you may wish to go into your in game settings and set “Firing deploys hardpoints” to OFF then this means you can launch limpets without the risk accidental of weapons fire.

On a similar note when dropping out of super-cruise on a client’s beacon it is highly advised to zero throttle and once dropped deploy landing gear or cargo scoop and point your ship at an angle to the client to avoid boosting into them by accident. Putting 4 pips to shields is also recommended.

Remember to report your repairs via the google form. Any request for repairs through the discord channel should be reported. Random, un-requested repairs at basecamps/meet-ups should be reported. Do not report minor repairs (less than 5% hull repaired). If the damage has been done deliberately (e.g. Testing) this should be logged clearly in the notes.


Unusual events:

No Dispatcher: If there is no dispatcher available you may self-dispatch asking the client for the next step of the process. This should be a last resort. If 2 mechanics are available one should pick up the dispatcher role with the other on the repair case. Always put all conversation in the main channel not in game to allow for a dispatcher to pick up should one arrive and allow for fellow mechanics to help if they can.

If you see this occur as a mechanic when you are not on a case offer to dispatch. A novice dispatcher is better than no dispatcher!  

Inside Asteroid Ring Repair When dropping on the wing beacon approach the ring so you are coming in at as close to 90 degrees as possible, do not skim the surface as this has been known to cause issues with navlock drop.

Planet-side Repairs If client is planet-side request they carefully climb to 500m to receive repairs, being too close to the surface prevents repair limpets engaging.

Close to Star/Planet/Object Navlock Repairs When a client is close to a stellar object navlock will be unsuccessful and will often drop you several lightseconds away from your target. Inform Dispatch who will ask the client to move away from the object before commencing repairs.

Busy Times There may be times where the #Repair-Request channel is too busy, often during major events like Code Blacks or when 3+ rescues are already ongoing. The Dispatcher may in these occasions choose to redirect cases over into #Fleet-Mechanics. The Dispatcher will make this very clear with a statement requesting the channel chatter cease. Please cut all non-repair chatter until the Dispatcher gives the all-clear, in these events there will be a high level of stress so anything we can do to help (including keeping quiet) should be done!   

Mechanics Process Walkthrough

  1. Repair assignments will come from the #Repair-Requests channel. To be pinged when these requests come in assign yourself the role “Active Mechanic PC/XB1/PS4” by using the rank command ?rank Active Mechanic PC/XB1/PS4 in the #dw2-roles channel. This tells everyone that you are online and available for repairs.
  2. Wait for Dispatchers to request for active mechanics. Check the platform before pressing send! Put in your current jumps to the system being mindful of the jump numbers others are posting.
  3. Start jumping! You can decide to wait until assigned or get the first jumps made.
  4. Accept the Friend Request from the Client needing assistance and report confirmation to Dispatch
  5. [Optional but strongly advised] You may wish to check your communications panel and confirm the client’s gamemode. When in the correct game-mode you may wish to confirm the clients system within the galaxy map to see if their friend icon aligns with your route. Both of these, if done, should be reported to the dispatcher.
  6. Accept the Wing Invite from Client needing assistance and report confirmation to Dispatch.
  7. Enable wingman nav-lock via the comms panel.
  8. Report confirmation of Beacon Contact to Dispatch e.g. “BC+ Distance”, if the distance is low the distance need not be reported.
  9. Mechanic will drop into clients instance, target client and launch a repair limpet. Once the limpet engages successfully report confirmation of repair success to Dispatch.
  10. Mechanic will file Repair Log Entry on Google Doc and confirm to Dispatch

To disable Active Mechanic Pings re-enter the command ?rank Active Mechanic to leave, this tells everyone you are offline and unavailable.

Short-hand is not required but may be used as per preference. These are used in conjunction with a + or – for received/not received and successful/unsuccessful.

Examples of short-hand are: FR+ / FR- Friend request received / not received WR+ / WR- Wing request received / not received BC+ / BC- Beacon visual / not visual

Sys Conf System confirmed on galaxy map Mode Conf Game mode confirmed on comms panel  RL+ Repair Limpet engaged RR+ Repair Report (Submitted)

Example Repair Case Chat Log:

Client: !Mechanic

DWEBot: @Mechanic Dispatch has been informed of the request for repairs and should contact you shortly.  

Dispatch: Hi @Client, when you get chance please let me know your platform, current system name, your hull and/or canopy %.

Client: Hi, I’m on PC, at Sagittarius A*, 48% hull and lost a bit of canopy too. Was too close to the event horizon lol!

Dispatch: @Client No problem, we will get you sorted.

Dispatch: Code is Amber, Platform - PC, System - Sagittarius A, mechanics call your jumps.

Dispatch: @Client Stay put in your system, slow down and drop out of supercruise. We are on the way. Where roughly are you in the system? Also please confirm you have enough fuel to hold position whilst we rescue you.

Seal6: 3 jumps to Client #1

Client: I’m near the 2nd star, source 2.

Mech 2: Client #1, 8 jumps

Mech 4: 4j – Client #1

Dispatch: @Mech 4 @Seal6 Go, all other stand down

Mech4: rgr

Seal6: Roger

Dispatch: @Client Please add Mech4 and Seal6 to your in game friends list, let me know if you need instructions on how to do this.

Mech4: FR+

Seal6: FR+

Dispatch: @Client Great, now please add them to your wing and light your wing beacon, again let me know if you need anything.

Client: Got it

Mech4: In system, in wing

Seal6: WR+

Seal6: BC+ 6500ls out

Mech6: Ditto above

Dispatch: @Client We see your beacon, standby for repairs we will be with you in the next minute or so.

Client: Great!

Seal6: RL+

Dispatch: Roger that, operation complete. Good work everyone! Seal6 remember to complete your repair log!


Congratulations Mechanic, you got the first limpet, remember to complete your paperwork:

Dispatch: @Client Thanks for calling today, if you need anything further please ask your local Mechanics or feel free to join us in our chat channel #DW2-FleetMechanics. Fly safe!

Client: Thanks so much, all set now. Fly safe!

Seal6: RR+

Change Notes

Change Notes for Rev 4-> 6:

  • Overhauled after the server incident.
    • Added: Page Headers
    • Changed: Hull Seals Heraldry swapped with Hull Seals Insignia
    • Changed: Glossary
    • Removed: Fleet Mechanics logo


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