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Guides and Terms

This is a Silly ArticleThe content in here isn't to be taken super-sealiously, and is provided for laughs. Soon "Soon" is a general term used by the Seal Leadership (and Seals in general) that provides no context for actually when a particular thing will be ...



This is a Silly ArticleThe content in here isn't to be taken super-sealiously, and is provided for laughs.

Ship Registry Codes

Guides and Terms

For some CMDRs, the Seals may be their primary - or only - social group in the game we all share and love. Sometimes, people want to rep and show off their ships, or emblazon their ships with things that identify them as Seals. This page will attempt to provid...

How2Join mk2

Welcome! We're glad to see you have an interest in joining us. Joining the Seals is more than just slapping a repair limpet controller on your ship. We pride ourselves on the quality of our Seals, and so require a few steps before you can become a fully-fled...

HalpyBOT Command and Fact Listing


What is HalpyBOT? HalpyBOT (v1.6.1) is our Second-Generation IRC Assistant, designed to help Seals get limpets on target faster and more painless than ever before. It comes with a lot of features, and is easy to build upon with new features. Most notably for ...

Supplemental: Carrier Operations

Standard Operating Procedures

This document contains supplemental material for Hull Seal operations regarding the use of Fleet Carriers. This does not supercede existing SOPs, and the use of carriers should always be considered a Last Resort option where no other feasible alternatives exis...

Delayed Case Board and Command Usage


The ability to have a record of long-distance, extended-duration cases has been a consistent feature request for a long time now. In the past, this was accomplished with large pins in private Discords, isolated holding channels where case information was store...

Supplemental: PC Operations during the Odyssey Expansion

Standard Operating Procedures

This document contains supplemental material for Hull Seal operations regarding the Odyssey expansion Hull Seals Supplemental Documentation: Odyssey and PC Revision 1V6   What is this Document? The Odyssey Supplemental is designed to assist in the prope...

Supplemental: Hull Repairs for Humans, Apollo Expedition

Standard Operating Procedures

Hull Repairs There are many Commanders on the Apollo XV 50th Anniversary expedition that have signed up for the Deep Space Repairs role (o7 to you all). As there is more to the process than just firing a repair limpet, The Hull Seals have prepared this docume...

On the Future of the Seals

Important Information Statements

Hello, Seals.  We come to you today to ask for your help, and to draw attention to a potential issue drawing near in our future. While we encourage you to read the entire post, here’s the bottom line: If our current trend continues, we won't be able to relia...

Frequently Suggested Things

Guides and Terms

It's often been said there's no such thing as a bad idea - and that's true enough. However, sometimes there ideas that are brought up a lot as "the next big thing" for the Seals, but for one reason or another just don't work out. While we don't discourage new ...

Rix's Browser Extensions

Staff Books

The Issue So you probably have heard the words "Manifest v3" being thrown around in regards to an upcoming version of Google Chrome. This has raised a number of concerns among internet watchdogs, with a number of valid complaints being raised about the implem...

Paperwork Filing Guidelines

Guides and Terms

Primary Seal: Don't forget to do your paperwork! Words we've all read, often helpfully shouted at us by HalpyBOT. But why, you ask. Why do I have to fill out a form when I'd rather get back to whatever else it was I was doing? No, it's not just to waste your ...

May 2022 Update

Important Information Statements

Hello, Seals. As you might have noticed, Elite's status has been quite volatile in the recent past. This has impacted many fascets of the game, and has resulted in a number of changes to the game's community. Longtime programs like the GMP and DWOrg have all ...

Accelerated Otter Pipeline

How to Join

The Accelerated Otter Pipeline is not operated by, endorsed by, or in any way affiliated with The Fuel Rat Mischief The Accelerated Otter Pipeline is a method for fully-trained Fuel Rats to receive advanced, accelerated progress through our training system to...

Stellar Cone Escape Guide

Guides and Terms

IF YOU ARE READING THIS, LOG OUT IMMEDIATELY! Stuck in a Neutron Cone or White Dwarf Cone? That's not good! Your situation is dire, but with a little luck you still have a chance to escape! Follow these steps to attempt to escape: Take a deep breath! Pan...