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IRC Connection Guide


IRC is old technology. Given this, it's increasingly likely as time goes on that you have never u...

IRC Clients and Word Highlighting


This Page is Incomplete Everyone has their own preference when it comes to IRC clients. No one c...

IRC Hosts and Their Meanings


IRC Hosts and Their Meanings All registered members on our IRC network are given a "vhost", or "...

Kingfisher SOP

Standard Operating Procedures

KingFishers SOP, Guidance and Procedures  Creation 0.1 Glossary General Guidance  Gu...

Cheating and the Hull Seals

Important Information Statements

The Hull Seals is an organization that got its start with the recent Distant Worlds 2 Expedition ...

The Stellar Unknown Expedition


Stellar Unknown Expedition Quick Facts Initials: SU Launch Date: 25 Aug 2205 End D...

The Hull Seals & PvP

Important Information Statements

Rules on PVP Combat and the Hull Seals Can Hull Seals engage in PvP combat? While on a call...

Reporting Bugs and Issues

Important Information

The Hull Seal systems are designed to be robust, reliable, and easy to use. However, it may happe...

Expedition Template


Expedition Name Expedition Quick Facts Initials:   Launch Date:   End Date:   ...

Perseus Reach Expedition 3306


Perseus Reach Expedition Quick Facts Initials: PR Launch Date: 8 Feb 3306 End Date...

Intentionally Blank


This Page is Intentionally Blank! - %Reason% No, the site isn't broken or glitching. This page i...

Other Games

About the Seals

Other Games The Hull Seals are first and foremost an Elite: Dangerous player group. Our services...

Other Tips and Tricks

Guides and Terms

Sometimes, Seals find resources or tools that are useful to share, that we think are worth sharin...

Terms of Service

Important Information

This document was last edited 7/1/2020 Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use...

Fantastic Shortlinks and Where They Lead

Guides and Terms

The following is a list of shortlinks that the Seals use, and where they lead. This list is not e...

COVID Folding Response


COVID Folding Response Expedition Quick Facts Initials: CVR Launch Date: 13 March 330...

Fleet Carriers

Guides and Terms

The Hull Seals plans to operate 3 Fleet Carriers, providing essential services to Explorers acros...

Hull Seals Fleet Initiative


Hull Seals Fleet Initiative Expedition Quick Facts Initials: HSCG1 Launch Date: 6 APR...

Other Organizations and Discord Servers


There are many other useful sources of information out in the galaxy that some of our CMDRs have ...

The Long Arf


Expedition Name Expedition Quick Facts Initials: TLA Launch Date: 6 July 3306 End ...